One day Rin is gonna get used to Maki’s chops and just surprise her by catching her hand.



Posting as a photo because I’m on mobile. XD

Yeah I know, “why are you rubbing it in D:” was my first reaction, but I decided to just say congrats and move on. D:

WE’LL GET THERE ONE DAY. YOU AND I. AND lpzwei. (Who else do I know that’s in the same boat? papercoleena?)

Anonymous sent:

I just yolo rolled and got the new UR Kotori lol

Congrats anon! What luck… I wish I could be lucky.

*wallows in my UR-less corner*


THERE’S ADORABLE RINMAKI DOUJIN AVAILABLE AT 僕ラブ5 which I’m going to guess is an event thing AND I WANT THEM ALL.

Not even just the RinMaki ones, but especially those. ;___; (Like f;lakjdfl; adorable MakiRinPana yes want.)

BUT NOOOO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GET MY HANDS ON DOUJINS FROM EVENTS (other than comiket that also aren’t going to be on melonbooks). CRIES.

;_; One day, I will go to Japan. And I will go when these events are happening. ;_____;

If anyone knows a proxy I will happily dump my money into their hands fa;lskdjf

Unless it costs an arm and a leg I kinda need those


Are we not gonna talk about how the EN game turned washiwashi into hug attack tho

I laughed so hard when I realized that a while bag. Sure. Hugs.


Let’s face it, we’re all Nico and Hanayo.


But forreal tho. 

Can the ENG server give me a 4 month notice before they start doing the score matches because I need some luck money so I can get UR’s and more SR’s.

(Not sure if you know this but the first one is after the next event. So uh. You have until the start of next month. ;_; )

So I basically missed everything on my dashboard from the past day or so.

Uh. If you need me and I didn’t see, gimme a heads up with an ask or something. I am far too lazy to go through my entire dashboard right now. >___>

Anonymous sent:

for SIF, is it true the skill level of the two cards have to be the same in order to level them up through practice? or can the cards have different skill levels?

Hello~ So to level up a skill, I’m guessing you already know that they have to have the same skill name. Aside from that, practicing two cards with the same skill at the same level GUARANTEES increasing the level of the skill. (E.g. Lv5+Lv5 guarantees Lv6) If the skills are of different levels, the odds of getting a skill level up are lower. It’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed. (For instance, my sister once leveled up a Lv2 skill to Lv3 by practicing with a Lv1. She did it again, but it failed the second time and she basically wasted the Rare card.)

…I hope that made sense. D: